Canadian border phone number

Please do not call us with border or passport questions. We are a travel agency and are not qualified or authorized to provide more information than you find on this page. Every year, Canada welcomes more than 35 million people, and since the population of Canada is just over that, there is one visitor for every resident in the country at one time or another each year.

Since many of those visitors drive up from the United States, this page is designed to make crossing the border between the US and Canada a comfortable and efficient experience. For more information call Monday to Friday, 8 a. This number only works if you are calling from inside Canada. Canada Border Services Agency This site provides useful information for residents and non residents, and includes information about importing vehicles, duties and taxes and border wait times.

Border Information for Canadian Citizens and Residents. Border Information for Visitors to Canada. Click Passport Canada for passport information.

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For general inquiries, click on the Canada Border Services Agency. Border Office Contact Information : Do I need a Passport? Click Passport Canada for Canadian passport information. Parents traveling with their children should bring a birth certificate for each child. Read more about it HERE. Americans are required to carry a passport to travel between the US and Canada even if they are traveling by car or boat. It Varies. Summer is the busiest time, and weekends and holidays all year round are often busy, too.

A long wait can be over 2 hours; however, if you time your crossing for early in the morning or later in the evening, you can reduce the wait. And in winter, on week days, there may be no wait at all. Dogs and cats are allowed to accompany their owners on trips to Canada providing they have current rabies certificates.

canadian border phone number

How do I import a vehicle into Canada?Peace Arch Park reportedly is the scene of lots of weddings this summer featuring Canadian-American couples seeking to ease their border crossing status. The monthslong closure of the U. The border crossing restrictions will last at least until late September, probably longer, due to the pandemic. The outlook is leading people who used to cross regularly to make major life changes.

Some U. Len Saunders is an immigration attorney who works in BlaineWashington, just a few blocks from the Canadian border. When the U. Saunders has observed a boomlet of weddings this summer at the border park in Blaine.

Married spouses can cross to reunite with one another. But an unmarried person wanting to visit their loved one on the other side gets turned away.

Another Pacific Northwest border community experiencing major disruptions is the nearby U. The only road connection to this 5-square mile peninsula goes through British Columbia. Point Roberts fire chief Christopher Carleton relayed the news that Canadian public health officials will not countenance youngsters crossing the border daily to attend class in person beginning next month.

Carleton and his neighbors have asked for a travel exception for locals and second-home owners. Members of Congress are taking up the cause of Point Roberts and several other similar geographic oddities cut off by the international border such as Hyder, Alaska, Minnesota's Northwest Angle and Campobello Island, New Brunswick. Washington state delegation members Reps. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell wrote the acting U. Congressional staffers said they did not receive any reply to the missive over the following week.

canadian border phone number

Customs and Border Protection spokesman in Seattle told public broadcasting that local concerns are passed up the chain of command. A statement emailed by the border agency on Friday said the U. CBP statement said. At a recent press briefing, the premier wasn't willing to endorse an exception, in part he said because of the difficulty of monitoring American through-travelers.

I'll leave it in their hands to manage," Horgan said. The number of cases per capita is currently about five times higher in Washington state compared to B. The caseload is growing in the province right now while a summertime surge on the U. Border crossing restrictions went into effect on March 21 and have been extended month by month by mutual agreement between Ottawa and the Trump administration. Truck drivers and "essential" workers in fields like health care and energy are permitted to cross as normal.

Canada, unlike the U.Contact Information. The table below provides contact information for various agencies that can assist you with your cross border travel questions or comments. Take a moment to review the sample of responsibilities each agency is charged with and select your point of contact accordingly.

Please review each agency's website for the information you are looking for.

how can I contact the canadian border patrol?

Canada Border Services Agency for information regarding admittance into Canada such as, identification or other documentation requirements, importing goods including motor vehicles, paying duty and taxes, duty free exemptions, and guidelines for entering Canada with food, alcohol, and animals. Canadian Consulate General for information regarding obtaining Canadian passports, Visas, and other travel information. Peace Bridge E-ZPass to enroll in the program, update account information including credit card information, cancel your account, and report lost or stolen tags.

Toll Free Toll free Department of State for information regarding obtaining U. Passports: Visas: Bike to the Bridge Walk the Bridge. Contact Us. Contact Information The table below provides contact information for various agencies that can assist you with your cross border travel questions or comments.

The Peace Bridge. Our Location. No iframes. All Rights Reserved. Desktop Version. United States.A Provocative Description of the Pacific Northwest. Disclaimer: This information is provided as a service to our visitors and no guarantee is made as to its completeness or correctness.

All information should be independently verified with the relevant authorities. The Pacific Northwest as defined by Go Northwest! You will want to be prepared when crossing the international border.

The following information is presented to assist you in your travels. For additional information, please visit either of the following web sites:. These policies deal with enrollment requirements, how the program works, current ports of entry and privacy information. US-VISIT currently applies to all visitors with limited exemptions holding non-immigrant visas, regardless of country of origin. Rules governing the entry of foreigners are subject to change and you should check with the relevant authorities close to the time you will be making a crossing.

Generally crossing this border is straight-forward and will include going through immigration customs both ways. The biggest hassle is usually the length of the queues, so consider avoiding peak times such as public holidays and the start and end of the working day. Visit the US Customs and Border protection Agency web site for more information about identification requirements. You also may be asked to show a return air ticket or proof of sufficient funds.

Know the rules and make sure your appearance is not cause for suspicion probably not a good day to be wearing your "legalize marijuana" t-shirt! Customs inspectors do have the power to ruin a vacation. If you come under strong scrutiny for any reason, answer questions directly and politely. Tempting though it may be, wise-cracking and rudeness will only be to your own detriment. When crossing the border on public transportation such as ferries, trains and buses, you will if necessary, be reunited with your luggage in order to take it across yourself.

Transport companies take the inspection time into account in their schedules, and while mass transit is usually treated efficiently, the companies have no power over delays. Vehicles may be searched at the discretion of the customs officials, whether or not the traveler feels that he or she has complied with customs requirements. Standard questions you might be asked by a border guard include: "Where are you from?

Border officials are on the lookout for stolen cars, or people attempting to avoid paying duties on bought cars. So you will want to be carrying documentation to show you are not perpetrating such scenarios. Driving a rental car across the US-Canadian border is usually not a problem, so long as you have made this arrangement with the car rental company. Make sure you have a copy of the rental agreement with you, and that is states you have permission to take the vehicle across the border.

If you are driving a private car which isn't registered in the name of someone going on the trip, bring written proof that you have the permission of the owner to take the car into the other country. Visitors who are at least 21 years of age may bring the following into the USA: cigarettes or 50 cigars or 2 kilograms 4.This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only.

The ability to screen travellers is a key component for countries thinking about easing border restrictions as COVID continues to spread, and public health officials have been stationed at major airports to assist with screening travellers. But along the Canada-U. Approximately 40, of those travellers have been ordered to self-isolate for 14 days upon reaching the country.

Steven Hoffman, a York University professor specializing in global health and law, said over-the-phone assessments are likely an effective way to screen travellers.

Hoffman said the mandatory day quarantine for all travellers entering Canada — COVID symptoms or no — provides another layer of protection. In fact, he argued that border restrictions may not be required at all — so long as people are forced to quarantine and officials can enforce that rule. But Canadian premiers whose provinces border U. Premier John Horgan — have urged the federal government against relaxing cross-border travel restrictions.

Those restrictions are expected to remain in place until at least June A federal official with knowledge of the file, but not authorized to speak publicly on the matter, told the Star Wednesday there are already conversations being had within the Liberal government on increased precautions at the border — including supply of personal protective equipment for front-line workers, as well as support for health screening.

But the official cautioned the two countries are a long way off from relaxing border restrictions. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: www. Star Columnists Opinion. Alex Boutilier is an Ottawa-based reporter covering national politics for the Star. Follow him on Twitter: alexboutilier. Report an error. Journalistic Standards. About The Star. More Politics. Top Stories.

About Contact Us Feedback. Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd. Privacy Policy Terms of use Accessibility.From: Canada Border Services Agency.

The methods used by the scammers to communicate with the public, and the rational provided to justify being in contact with the victim, are varied, ever changing, but always designed to lure the public into providing personal information. In some cases, these scams use false CBSA information. Telephone calls may display numbers and employee names that appear to be from the CBSA.

Emails may contain CBSA logos, email addresses or employee names and titles to mislead the readers. It is important to note that the CBSA never initiates a request for social insurance number and credit card number by telephone or email. If an individual receives a telephone call or an email asking for this information, or requesting payments from the CBSA, it is a scam.

It is important to be vigilant. These calls or emails should be ignored and reported to appropriate authorities. If you have received this type of call, please report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

You will not receive a reply. Skip to main content Skip to "About government". Search for related information by keyword: Information Media relations Canada Border Services Agency Canada Screening goods at the border general public news releases.

Report a problem or mistake on this page. Please select all that apply: A link, button or video is not working. It has a spelling mistake. Information is missing. Information is outdated or wrong. Login error when trying to access an account e. My Service Canada Account. I can't find what I'm looking for. Other issue not in this list. Thank you for your help!Canada doesn't have a border patrol.

They have Canada Border Services Agency, which is border guards. The only phone number you will find online is the BIS which, for those calling from outside of Canada is or. If you want a specific crossing try to locate an old local phone book for the area try the library and they may have an actual direct line. Call Canada Customs and Revenue for any info about crossing the border.

Depending on where you are crossing, the RCMP might be best to contact in smaller centres. I don't believe you can easily, try this number to speak to an agentthis is the number for the call centre.

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Video of ICE agents stopping Black jogger. Experts blast Trump for foreign policy blunders. Stacey XXX. I want to ask them a question about crossing the border. Answer Save. CPG Lv 7. Here you go. Canadian Border Patrol. Canada Border Phone Number.

Crossing the Border/Passport Information

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canadian border phone number

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