Sound of a door closing

Descriptive words for the sound a old door makes whilst opening or closing it is: creaking, squeaking, groaning at the hinges--particularly if the door in question is a wooden one. There are several ways to go about this, you can go full gothic, as with Poe, especially in his 'Fall of the House of Usher'.

This is one of the easier approaches, but has the drawback of, if done unwell, forcing sentiment upon the readers rather heavy-handedly. For example: Here and there the ruins of wharves jutted out from the shore to end in indeterminate rottenness, those farthest south seeming the most decayed. And far out at sea, despite a high tide, I glimpsed a long, black line scarcely rising above the water yet carrying a suggestion of odd latent malignancy.

This, I knew, must be Devil Reef. As I looked, a subtle, curious sense of beckoning seemed superadded to the grim repulsion; and oddly enough, I found this overtone more disturbing than the primary impression. Lovecraft, Shadow over Innsmouth Another method, however more difficult, is simply to describe the house clinically and scientifically, as if describing a cadaver in an autopsy report, we are given only the details of what is, but it presented neutrally so as more involve the reader.

This, however, may lead to dry reading, as reading an academic paper where the author's disengagement and detachment from the text is noticeable, and, in its extremes, we read without pleasure. Verrieres is sheltered on the north by a high mountain, a spur of the Jura. The jagged peaks of the Verra put on a mantle of snow in the first cold days of October. A torrent which comes tearing down from the mountain passes through Verrieres before emptying its waters into the Doubs, and supplies power to a great number of sawmills; this is an extremely simple industry, and procures a certain degree of comfort for the majority of the inhabitants, who are of the peasant rather than of the burgess class.

It is not, however, the sawmills that have made this little town rich. It is to the manufacture of printed calicoes, known as Mulhouse stuffs, that it owes the general prosperity which, since the fall of Napoleon, has led to the refacing of almost all the houses in Verrieres.

Or if you want a verbal description: The rusty hinges of the old door squealed like fingernails on a dusty chalkboard. Can someone describe the sound of the old door when it open or close? Please, I am in a hurry! I need your help :. Answer Save.

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Kai Lv 4. Logan Lv 4. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Rayven53 Lv 6. Creaking, lumbering, groaning, and squeaking Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Periodically, maybe once or twice a week, I hear the sound of a door creaking open: then a few minutes later, I hear the sound of a heavy wooden door closing. Any ideas what this could be? Anything to worry about? Any way to stop it? Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention, the sound I am hearing is on my computer, coming from the speakers.

So, in the background, while I am doing whatever I am doing on my computer, the sound of a door opening, then a bit later closing, is heard. I did a search once and found a similar question but no definite answer. I thought maybe it was a sign of an 'invader' on my computer and so I thought I would join the Malwarebytes Forum to see if any experienced people could explain this sound. I used to hear that sound when i was using Yahoo messenger and was online with it.

It indicated that one of my contacts was coming online or going off. Well that was enlightening. I listened to each sound for each program event, but found no creaking door.

My biggest concern is that it could be a playful vermin. I use Kaspersky as well as Malwarebytes, everyday after updating themand see no invaders. It could be a joke program, which are harmless except for the annoyance factor. Do you have any instant messenger clients installed ie AIM, Yahoo!

I would tend to agree that it sounds like a sound coming from an IM client that's running in the background. If it is, you should be able to turn the sound off in the IM client's settings. Pay attention, that, when you hear the sound, you did or did not hear something else right before it? Sometimes, when I receive a text message and my cellphone is close by my speakers, they pick it up.

If you have AOL Instant Messenger it makes the sound of a door opening and closing when a contact log's off. I know for sure it does because I used it in the past. Do you have Yahoo Messenger installed? If you do have Yahoo IM installed and it's set to sign in automatically then it's quite possibly that you're hearing.

Good call. I notice my sister's name pop up in the AIM box now and then, so I must have put her on a buddy list. Thanks for all of the replies and for putting my mind at ease.

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I am a little paranoid sometimes about viruses and thought maybe I was infected. No worries. You should be able to disable the sound in AIM's settings if you don't want it creeping you out any more it is kind of creepy isn't it? AIM is creeky, hehe.

I used to like the sound, LOL.

sound of a door closing

I haven't used AIM in quite some time though. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.Nothing can disturb the peace within your home like a door that's constantly slamming shut. Whether your slamming door is a result of careless kids, wind and weather or simply the design of the door itself, a door that bangs shut not only wears your patience, but it can also damage the door and frame.

Fortunately, several simple hardware devices can silence your slamming door, and most are surprisingly easy to install. Simple weatherstripping acts as a cushion between the door and frame and may be one of the most affordable materials for silencing a slamming door.

Pick up a roll of foam weatherstripping, then cut it in pieces to fit around the entire door frame. Peel off the paper backing and press the weatherstripping in place where the closed door meets the frame. This door-slamming solution not only helps quiet a slamming door but also helps to insulate your home and keep out cold drafts. Dampers and dictators are simple pieces of hardware consisting of a metal hook and tiny wheel.

The wheel attaches to the top of the door with screws, with the hook gets fastened to the top of the door frame. When the door closes, the hook catches the wheel and slows the speed of the door, pulling it closed in a quiet and controlled manner. Dampers and dictators are fairly easy to install but provide few adjustments in terms of closing speed.

If a slamming screen or storm door is trying your patience, consider a pneumatic door closers. These devices rely on air pressure to slowly and carefully close a door each time it is opened. They consist of a metal bracket that gets screwed to the middle of the hinge edge of the door frame, as well as a piston unit that you fasten to the middle of the interior face of the door. Each time the door gets opened, the closer uses air pressure to close and latch it in a controlled manner.

These units offer adjustment settings so you can modify the closing and latch speed of the door to ensure it closes completely without slamming. Hydraulic door closers represent the most costly and most sophisticated method of silencing a slamming door. Found on many commercial doors, such as those in schools and hospitals, these units can be used on both interior and exterior stores.

They consist of a metal box that fastens to the top of the door, as well as a metal arm that attaches to the frame. When the door is opened, the unit uses hydraulic pressure to control the closing speed and prevent the door from slamming. These devices offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of adjustments but require a bit more skill to install and adjust than other door-slamming solutions.

Emily Beach works in the commercial construction industry in Maryland. Green Building Council in and is in the process of working towards an Architectural Hardware Consultant certification from the Door and Hardware Institute.

She received a bachelor's degree in economics and management from Goucher College in Towson, Maryland. Skip to main content.It was about last night, I was reading, and needed to go to the toilet. During the time I was in the bathroomI heard a door from up my hallway open and close. It was not a windy night. I've had a door open on me once, scared the cr p out of me. When I first moved to Holland there seemed to be some activity here in the house. One particular night I was awake in bed and everyone else was dead asleep.

I was staring at the wall and all of a sudden the door opens in front of me.

Describe the sound of the old door?

Not just a little push but as if someone opened the door completely, till it touched the wall. When this happened I jerked up and made a little noise, loud enough that Marjan opened her eyes and saw the door being opened.

The thing is it opened completely, but when it touched the wall it did it as if someone let go, so it didn't bounce as if someone just pushed the door open and let it swing loose.

We didn't say anything to each other when it happened, I just lowered my head and tried to sleep. It was quite terrifying though tbh. Something as simple as a door being opened can really freak you out.

I was working on a sprinkler system that was in an old old for my country is about years church, which was locked up. I had to ask for the key from the parishioner at a rear building. When he gave me the key he also gave me a sideways glance like he wanted to say something. I unlocked the church went in and closed the door, walked though to the side room which had a massive heavy wooden door which i opened and started a routine, 5 minute test. Two minutes later when i set up my gauges and was involved in what i was doing i heard this huge BANG!

I turned and saw that wooden door had slammed. There were no windows open, and i knew there was noone else around. Well needless to say i had never packed my gear away so quickly! And when i returned the key i must have been pale, and the parishioner had a big smile on his face. I didnt mention to him what had happend and no doubt he had had some strange occurances as well.

Is this an attempt to be funny? Not only did you make an ass out of yourself but dropped your credibility a few notches. I see you have UCLA on your profile, as that the stuff they teach there?

Mangled, make a note of things as they happen from now on, There is a pretty good chance it was something else. Noisy doors and stuff usually have another explanation.You'd use it with an exclamation mark, "Slam! You'd use "chug" or "chug chug" or "crack" for closing the door normally. You can use "click" for a closing the door very softly. If you don't care if your readers will read formal words or made up words or not, you can make up your own "sound word" by using the phonemes of the English language, like, "kkrrugg" or "brrugg" then continue with a sentence or paragraph explaining the sound, like "Krrugg!

Her car door closed like the hinges were going to fall off! I need a word to describe the sound of a car door being close. Answer Save. Doris Lv 5.

What word can we use to describe the sound of a car door being close?

The word is closed, with a d. Slammed the car door, gently closed to a barely audible click pushed the door closed, pushed the door gently so it clicked shut hardly making a sound, kicked the door shut, booted the door -- making a loud metal twang as the door collapsed the tinny sound of a cheap car door being closed the long roll of metal on metal before the van door slammed shut Seems more like the action of closing a car door instead of the sound of. Dictionary words would be slam, crack, click, and chug.

If you prefer non-dictionary words, take your pick: 1.

sound of a door closing

Other words that can be used, but are usually used for other sounds would be: 1 Blam! Karen L Lv 7. I have seen it described as a "chunk" sound. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Why don't fictional characters say "goodbye" when they hang up a phone?

How is Onomatopoeia used to write words you might use to describe the sound of a door? All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

sound of a door closing

Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Wiki User You can use the word "BANG" like " Many English words are already onomatopoetic by nature. Many common words used to describe the sound of a door closing, or swinging or latching are already onomatopoetic, such as "click," "squeak," and "slam. A door could fall open on broken hinges with a rattle and a clatter. A door could glide silently open with only a little swish of air. A door could close with a gentle thud.

A lock could release with a kiss of welcome. There are several "types" of sounds in the English language, which fall into different categories. Consonants and combinations of consonants produce many of these sounds, and are important in using or recognizing onomatopoeia.

sound of a door closing

The "k" sound and the hard "c" sound can be used to evoke the sound of something being hit, or coming together sharply with something else. The "sh" sound can be used to bring to mind the sound of ocean waves or rushing water. The "h" and "wh" sounds can bring to mind the sound of wind, passing through.Buy sounds previous play pause next autoplay mute unmute. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

Elevator in Thailand, riding with many floors, door opening, and PA in English and Thai at the 5th floor. Elevator Thailand Ride M File type WAV 96kHz, 24bit. Library Airborne Sound. Share share on Facebook share on Twitter. Library CA Sound. Jeep Wrangler Foley D Library Badlands. File type WAV 48kHz, 24bit. Library West Wolf. Renault Kangoo 1. Library The Soundholder. Designed alien mothership drone - Droning, metallic door opening drone. Library Digital Rain Lab. File type WAV 44kHz, 16bit.

Library Peter Smith.

How to Make a Slamming Door Silent

Library The Soundcatcher. Bedroom closet hanger action - door open and squeaky hanger movement, close perspective. Bedroom closet hanger action - door open and hanger movement, very close perspective. Library Big Room Sound. Cabinet door open glass Closet door open squeak Ambulance station garage Hangar doors open distant

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